21-20 and Lexington

There’s a crowd gathered by a baby’s cot

Their faces are blurred, like dimples on a lemon skin.

It’s only a bar on top of a multi-storey parking lot.

I can see for miles but there’s no trace of paradise,

just the concrete blue, and the cold of the wind.

A band plays, and someone serves cocktails.

Through the ambient roar of the Devil’s desire,

crawls a girl so gorgeous I mourn her demise.

I’ll throw off my disguise just to care for her.

Time is a dead language, hiding in the corner.

There’s a sign saying ‘Once we were books’

and no one can read except the man at the bar

Wolves are climbing up the walls with grappling hooks.

King Solomon wants his half of the pie, and Achilles

says he’ll never die if he never takes of his boots.

I guess this is youth, and my martini lacks vermouth.

The girl with the smile locks the fire exit, before anyone sees.

She licks my ear, and says I’m her greatest fear.

I am death, or I am public speaking.


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