A Year – 2012-2013

This is a new work of fiction to examine the duality in experiencing a year go by.  Richard Brautigan’s book “An Unfortunate Woman” was in the form of a journal and it completely fascinated me. I wrote the second half because I thought the single character perspective was too dull and didn’t suit the times.



October was travelling in Turkey, and all the strain of refocusing. Failed detox.

November was cold. Fucking London again. Returning to my life. Making new friends? Not really. Two weeks in a hostel, watching movies and sending out pointless applications for jobs, then finding a place to live, but having no money. I didn’t know what to do with myself, but money wasn’t strangling me yet.

December was getting better. A couple of encounters with girls. Still no work to be had, but living frugally, and getting slowly back to things. Lots of time to work on my book and drink cheaply. Two weeks alone in the apartment was very nice. I auditioned for short films and wrote one myself. The book progressed.

January was busy. Got a job and hated it – ripping people off. Sales is for failures, and people with no soul; unless you can sell something people need, but who really knows that? Earned a nice chunk of money, though any money is nice by now. Downward spiral with women and that whole endeavour.

February was hard. Found out Dad will die of Dementia. Felt totally lost and alone. Drinking and drugs, and no work; no anything. Started collecting all of my writing work. Hurts to think of the past, as well as the future. Had slight upturn with women, but it was probably luck. One was a mistake, the other won’t call me back.

March was a new leaf. Started work at a better place, but still in sales and I do not like it.  Found new place to live, which is cheaper. Thin walls and creaky bed. Sex with women I didn’t like. Put the mattress on the floor to avoid creaking noise. Nothing sticks with the women. Nothing makes sense. No writing finished. Drunk rants and poetry. Was either really cold, or the diet of bread and jam is to blame.

April was my brother’s wedding. I hate the Midlands. Buck’s party was bearable, but I hurt my knee again. That, and the undeniable presence of grey hairs, are terrifying – years really do move fast.

May was almost great. Work had part-time hopes. Maybe a new job. I had plans to take a journalism course or two via correspondence. Denied. Bought clothes and an old motorbike to save my soul on the first good weekend of the year.

June was the Aaron fuck-around. Left feeling like I cannot secure a true friend on my own personal terms. Drama, drama, drama. Out with a girl I got ecstasy off. She was taken, but her friend was there. Her friend was Aaron’s sister. She wouldn’t fuck me and I told Aaron his sister was a bitch. Impossible regret. Needing a detox. Needing so much.

July was Claire, and the madness of piercing love. We met in the interval of a concert. She approached me. I’d been staring at her, and not realising it. She was giddy to talk to me, our friends went back in, but she dragged me to a stairwell. We shared secrets. I was exploding with too many pleasures to name. I could marry her. I hate marriage, but it would be a tiny, crazy ceremony, with a pre-nuptial agreement, and awareness in both of us that it’s not to be forever. We know it’s temporary. We know life will change us, but just in this moment, we are so intensely in love, so let’s give it due credit.

August was agony. Claire was gone and I crashed my bike in the rain. It’s dead, but I was fine after limping for a week. My body’s not so bad after all.

September was my birthday, quitting my job, and living in a field for two weeks. I didn’t know where I’d go at first. I’d maybe move somewhere dumb like Australia, or at least travel where it’s warm for longer in the year. Started at a farm in France. The car ride there with the creepy old man made me think he was going to kill me. He was nice after all, and didn’t remind me of my dad. He taught me how to build a fire and set traps. When I thought I’d got the hang of fires, he showed me I didn’t know a thing after all, and I can’t control my temper. I rode a horse.


The World:

October was when a member of the Russian punk band, Pussy Riot, went free after the band was convicted of hooliganism for protesting in a cathedral. Hurricane Sandy hit Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, before making landfall in Atlantic City, N.J. 8 million people lost power and at least 100 people died.

November saw one of Israel’s biggest attacks on Gaza since the invasion of 2008, and the UN approved an upgrade from the Palestinian Authority’s “observer” status to that of a “non-member” state. The oil giant BP, agreed to a guilty plea on 14 criminal charges and agreed to pay US$4.5 billion in fines and penalties.

December saw another young kid lead a violent rampage at a US school. He killed 26 people, the majority of whom were children between 6 and 7 years old. Gang-rape cases and subsequent protest against callous injustice for the women, started showing up in India.

January saw militants attack an oil field in Algeria. Militants attacked in Mali as well, and over a thousandFrench troops were sent in aid. Protester numbers swelled in Egypt. Police shot live ammunition and tear gas at the protesters.

February saw meteorite fragments injure hundreds of people in Russia. Most of those injured were residents of Chelyabinsk, a city that has multiple factories that build nuclear weapons. The damage caused no radiation leaks.

Marchwas when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died from cancer. The UN passed more sanctions against North Korea. Kim Jong-un promised to launch “a pre-emptive nuclear strike” against the U.S. and South Korea.

April was France becoming the 14th nation to approve same-sex marriage and a Bangladesh factory building collapsed, killing hundreds of people. Hundreds more were missing in the building’s rubble, and for five days, rescue teams worked to find survivors.

Maywas when two men approached and murdered a uniformed soldier on a street in London, using knives and a meat cleaver. After they killed the soldier, police shot the two men. The United Kingdom treated the incident as an act of terror.

Junewas the Anti-Government protests in Turkey which called for Erdogan’s resignation. Istanbul’s Gezi Park, by Taksim Square was occupied. Erdogan dismissed the protesters as “thugs”. He then had Police storm the park, spraying protesters with tear gas and water. The first female Prime Minister of Australia resigned.

Julysaw Andy Murray become the first Brit in 77 years to take the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Championship, and Same-Sex Marriage was legalized in England and Wales. Morsi was deposed by the Military in Egypt. Adli Mansour was sworn in as interim president and dismantled the Shura Council – the only functioning body of parliament.

August was when Russia granted Edward Snowden, the American who leaked information about extensive U.S. surveillance of its own private citizens, asylum for one year. In Cairo, riot police raided protest camps. More than 500 people were killed, and the government declared a state of emergency. Private Bradley Manning, was sentenced to 35 years in prison and the day after his sentencing, announced that he is female, and wants to be referred to from now on as Chelsea.

September was when an earthquake in Pakistan killed over 300 people. The UN confirmed that chemical weapons were used in the conflict in Syria, but did not indicate who was responsible. Somalian militants attacked a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, killing nearly 70 people and wounding about 175.


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