Shake The Shiny Thing

Love don’t cost a thing.

Love don’t pay the rent.

Love will set you free.

Love is all you need

but it tears you apart.

Love will be here when you are gone.

Love’s a cold, and it’s a broken hallelujah.

Love does not know how to sing

in or out of key;

It stands up and walks out on ya.

Love is all there is


It’s a cold and it’s a broken


upon your naked, scared, and unscarred skin.

Let love reign like water,

that can’t be tamed forever.

Let love in.

Even though

love’s got no life experience

or job skills.

Don’t check into its qualifications and references.

Love’s biggest weakness is that it works too hard.

Love sees itself devastated in five years’ time.

Love is all you need

to scream and cry,

and lie,

and die naked at night.

Metal and fire have no love to give

but they were made with love.

They were sent out and stamped with innocent fingers.

Love is exclusive and explosive.

Love is not for everyone.

Love don’t cost just one thing.

Love cannot be defined;

it is truth and it is beauty.

It’s a cold and it’s a broken


Love will show you what you are made of;

Weak and impulsive flesh,

that’s all


It’s love, and love alone.

It’s alright, Ma

I’m only bleeding.

I’m only reading.

I’m only needing

Love to pay my rent.


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