You ever feel that?

Pangs of nostalgia for the times where you burned

with youth and passion and whatever it was?

When just being alive caused you to sweat?

There were bright lights mixing into dark and mysterious skies,

and you yelled through giant smiles

“we” owned the night.

It was music,



talk of the future

and peace in the world

and just fucking fire fire fire fire fire fuck it all.

sex sounds

tears in my face

“we’ll never see the motherfucking fascist dawn!”


7 thoughts on “Remember?”

  1. All the time but, as I get older, reminiscing on a youthful memory is about as close as I want to get to reliving that “feeling”. I do wonder though, where the hell did all that optimism come from? More importantly, where the hell did it go?

    1. Very glad someone enjoyed it. Though this is not about childhood. this is about youth when it was potent, not peurile. I personally loathe childhood. but late-adolescence and early adulthood? come and get it

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