Children are the future…

Children ARE the future, which is terrifying.
You can look everywhere and see that today we have more learning available. You can see more potential for global connectivity, as well as respect for ourselves and our planet. Art and beauty abound, yet we go further into a spiral of violence and abuse and selfishness because of a short sighted, bigoted system where people cannot learn how false their hatred is; where they almost can’t help but be “evil” in the face of a desperation inflicted upon them simply to maintain the basic functions of a home, food and the pursuits of happiness.
The “evil” corporate leaders are bigots and pessimists who seem to believe that there is NOT enough for everybody, that some people deserve less than others. They believe a myriad of selfish, cruel and ultimately short-sighted fallacies, while maintaining a trust in themselves that they are good, honourable people looking out for what matters – themselves and the tiny fraction of the population that matter to them personally. But, they are older, mature, and simply afraid of what anyone would be – death and insignificance.
The children? The youth of today? If they are our future, then we need to galvanise every single young person we can. To eradicate the fundamental lies and false comforts they will turn to in justifying a destructive path through their lives, and STOP this cycle which fights against love and global progress, which fights against all of the beautiful movements seen over the last ten, fifty, hundred, five hundred years.
The escalating economic and social horrors of the 1980s were initiated largely by the same generation that gave us the infamous social and artistic movements of the 1960s, proving that there lies potential evil in every generation. While the streets were alive and freedom seemed finally to be gaining it’s true recognition as a currency in itself, there stood in plain sight, the arbiters of unimaginable oppression and destruction, such as we can see today. While the young of today excite us with the potential for progress, we cannot forget what has happened before. It is time to shift the focus from flailing puppets that lead the way today, towards the root of tomorrow’s oppression: the young.
If you encounter an old bigot, forgive them. If you encounter a young bigot, vilify them.

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